Charles is fighting the good fight

Victor Mecoamere

Charles Masango, pictured, has become a veteran of sorts in the yearly National Schools Essay Competition on Albinism.

He has featured in the top three spots since 2005.

"I might not have attained the top spot all along, but I have gained immense satisfaction from participating, helping spread the word about albinism and enhancing public awareness and understanding of albinism," Masango said.

He said the contest was his symbolic lifeline.

"It is through this contest that I have over the past three years been able to reach a wider audience with a simple message - people with albinism are normal and should be accepted as part of society, the community and the nation as a whole," Masango said.

The National Schools Essay Competition on Albinism was staged as part of the national and provincial health departments' public education, awareness and understanding programme on albinism and other inherited disorders.

Also a part of the youth development activities of the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation, the competition discourages dangerous myths, misconceptions and superstitions about albinism by encouraging pupils to write essays on the following topics:

l Albinism: Being Different In My Community;

l Albinism: Experiences of a Teenager With Albinism;

l Albinism: How I Relate To People With Albinism; and

l Albinism: A Disability Or Not?