Romance and roses

For many years I have had one black Valentine's Day after another. No more, I said to my sister. And as Matthew 7 verse 7 says: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

Not only did I get a clean page in my man's diary, he dressed up to visit one of the most exquisite boutique hotels in town - wearing a fragrance to match.

First we checked out The Brazen Head Restaurant. After immediately agreeing in unison that we couldn't go wrong with prawns, we hurriedly gulped down our Merlot.

You could have mistaken the backdrop for a chick flick, what with every table hosting lovers gazing stupidly into each other's eyes. The food was great.

But we refused to be another love-stricken twosome and headed for Teremok, our harbour for the night. Here we were welcomed by glasses of the sweetest intoxicating sherry, then seen to our room and already turned-down beds. It was the Mark Shuttleworth Room.

Each of the 12 rooms here has a theme. Kilimanjaro is inspired by open spaces and a quiet sense of purpose. Jukskei is an edgy interpretation of a botanical theme that draws its inspiration from the Jukskei River on whose banks lie this haven. Other suites include Zodiac, Serendipity, Koi and Bushwillow.

We were the fourth couple to arrive and even beneath my man's army-like jacket, I sensed the sight of the Mark Shuttleworth rooms causedt a surge of excitement that even his Royal Stiffness couldn't hide. We learnt that even though our room isn't famous for the best view of the river, it was nonetheless just great as far as we were concerned. Little did I know that the sight of the river alone was nothing compared to the calming sound it makes as one sleeps and wakes up on a bright, glorious morning.

The champagne was still chilling, roses still steadfast and the mood just as encouraging. So we stayed in bed for longer. What bliss.

The bath tubs are so huge, you could fit a hippo into them. But our shower was the best.

Like Teddy Pendergrass has always crooned, we took a shower together. Cheesy, but lovely after a Valentine's night.

Had I made proper arrangements, I would have gone for a treatment in their wellness spa. The aroma therapeutic scents entice you as you walk towards any room.

The water features also play a supporting act to this symphony. At the spa you have endless options for facials, massages, pedicures and manicures.

Breakfast found us on all fours as the phones started ringing endlessly. These losers clearly had never heard of a morning glory. So we could only down cereal and smoothies and gulp down the fresh juice.

We could have had a chef at our beck and call, but I listened to a man who said his business was more important.

What could be more important than being drenched in hospitality? Some people!

But when we went to collect the bags from the room, guess who needed the jaws of life to be removed from the balcony, soaking in the sun and looking bewitched by the elements of Teremok.

I didn't get the ring, but I got a resolve. I'm going back with a girlfriend next time. Men can be such spoilsports.