I laud BSA and the SABC for the razzmatazz

Congratulations to all winners in the various categories of boxing's yearly awards held in Bloemfontein two weeks ago.

Did I hear you ask why talk about the awards only now? It's simply because this column rotates among the entire Sowetan sports department.

Anyway, I want to salute the SABC and BSA for staging yet another scintillating and dazzling event at the Sand du Plessis banqueting hall.

The ceremony was bankrolled by the Free State government - courtesy of the broad minded MEC for sports Ace Magashule.

History was made when a female fighter shared the Prospect of the Year award with a male competitor. Well done, Noni Tenge.

Then came the convention on Saturday.

For me, that was a proper platform for chairman of BSA Dali Mpofu to officially introduce CEO Bongani Khumalo to the stakeholders.

But that did not happen. Stakeholders, especially those who have been trying unsuccessfully to talk to Khumalo over the phone, would have used that opportunity to get to know him better.

This wheelchair-bound gentleman has done wonders for boxing in less than a year - fixed BSA's messed up finances and brought in about R14 million in sponsorship - R3 million from Theta and R10,5 million from Tourist Choice.

Promoters had intended to request Khumalo's broader explanation about the R10,5 million. It was announced that it would be used for "operations". Tourist Choice owns the naming rights for the SA belts - which will now be called Tourist Choice belts.

Promoters say they cannot help BSA to market Mike Motloung's brand free of charge. They say Motloung's cake is huge enough to be shared. Whether promoters would have understood or agreed to Khumalo's explanation is a story that will be told next year. The conclusion is that this multi-million rand deal has brought more sorrow than joy to boxing.

Imagine what is going into Motloung's mind! My message to him is: "You made the right choice and you will get used to this. I must tell you that once there are no clashes in boxing, then something is definitely not right. Hang in there."