Servant of God to the end

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

Since time immemorial, most people spend their lifetime trying to impress their peers. Not so with Martha Msesi Mbuyisa, 60, who lived her life in the service of and to impress only God.

Mbuyisa of 3443 Sindani Street in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, died at the South Rand Hospital on Friday after a long illness.

She was born to Joseph and Betty Mbuyisa in Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga, on March 20 1948.

The following year, her parents moved to Benoni in search of greener pastures.

Mbuyisa started her schooling at Ntsikana Primary School before proceeding to Sozizwe Primary School where she completed her Standard 6.

Though Mbuyisa never attained any higher education, she was strong-headed, eloquent, dignified and never shied away from engaging others in meaningful and worthwhile discussions on topical issues, including the Bible.

Those who knew her well described her as God-fearing, strong, loving, gentle and a highly motivated person.

Mbuyisa never left anything to chance. She was really a hands-on person.

Coming from a big family, she respected and lived family values. After the death of her parents in 1973, it seemed natural for her to assume the role of head of the family, something neighbours said she carried out with love and a great sense of maturity.

As a devout soldier in the Salvation Army's Impi yo Sindiso Daveyton Corps, she will be best remembered for her unwavering Christian belief and as a comforter to others in hours of grief.

When my son died in 2000, she said: "While flowers, shrubs and trees blossom and fade, so will our flesh die. But, because of Jesus' love for us, our souls shall live on forever.''

She will be buried at Phumulani Cemetery tomorrow.

The service will be held at the Salvation Army Hall on the corner of Ramza and Mahlobo streets from 8am.