turns his water to cash

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

An ANC councillor in Limpopo is allegedly living the high life by selling water at R20 to about 5000 poor people who rely on a communal tap that sometimes runs dry.

The councillor, Samuel Mamabolo, of Masealama village near Turfloop, has been accused by his constituency of living like a king at their expense while they lived a miserable life without access to water.

Villagers who visited Sowetan's offices in Polokwane yesterday said they were living without basic needs such as electricity and water, while their councillor was unaffected.

The villagers claim Mamabolo has running water in his yard, while they have to walk several kilometres to a communal tap that serves more than 5000 people.

"If the tap runs dry, we are forced to buy water from him at a whooping R20 a month," they claimed.

"When you pay the R20, you become eligible to fetch water from his yard for the month.

"At the end of the month you must pay another R20 for the following month," said the spokesman for residents, Johannes Matlakala, yesterday.

"We have elected him to address our needs but instead he addresses his own first before those of the community," said Matlakala.

"Our children are raped while walking to the tap at night. Crime is also escalating because the village has no electricity," he said.

Contacted for comment, Mamabolo said the allegations were fabricated by those who had a vendetta against him.

"I do have water in my yard. But I do not sell it," he said.

Mamabolo said plans were underway to address the village's needs.

Communications director of local government Clayson Monyela said they would follow the matter up with Polokwane Municipality.