Send SMS and you could be in big trouble

Some of the messages that allegedly mislead include:

Some of the messages that allegedly mislead include:

l You're one of our top players; someone is claiming a BMW today; if you win tonight, would you like to be interviewed on TV or keep a low profile, kept them hooked;

l Remember Maubane, the most entries win a BMW every Sunday ... No draw, but don't wait until then, start now and get ahead of the rest;

l If you opt to be interviewed on TV then SMS Yebo and maybe we'll see you on TV, (psst! A super mega help is hidden after a few SMSes;

l Suppose that in a few hours you win the BMW, you will thank yourself for having sent an extra R10 SMS.

If you ignore them, they persuade you with another SMS to get back into the game;

l Get back in the game Maubane and get ready to win a brand-new BMW worth more that R250000 tonight, give it a go: R10 SMS;

l Put a whole new spin on Sunday driving by winning your BMW 320i. SMS Yebo and you could be cruising the streets in style! Live large Maubane;

l Transfer your 1430 entries now! Use today's bonus and you can also win another 2860;

l With 1430 entries, you are in the top 10 percent of participants. A BMW is coming closer. Don't waste these points! You can win without a draw;

These SMSes got people hooked and over-indebted.