'Our water safe, up to standard'

Johannesburg Water has assured consumers that its water supplies are safe.

Johannesburg Water has assured consumers that its water supplies are safe.

The move comes amid concerns that the infrastructure problems currently faced by Eskom could also be playing out in water sanitation services, causing a health threat.

Spokesman Baldwin Matsimela said he had received "at least 10 calls" yesterday from people worrying about water quality on the grounds of ageing infrastructure.

"There is no need for customers to start panicking," he said.

"The electricity infrastructure is not coping with demand and people are scared that there might be the same problem with ageing water infrastructure.

"We do have a maintenance plan and projects to upgrade water infrastructure in the south of Johannesburg, we are expanding the northern works treatment plant to cater for increases [in usage] because the city is growing, and we are refurbishing the reservoir in Diepkloof, Soweto.

"As a service provider we are aware of the challenges we are facing in terms of water sanitation provision."

The 900million litres of waste water generated daily by Johannesburg Water was treated to the standards demanded by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, the utility said.

It manages 87 water reservoirs, owns and operates 33 water towers, six waste treatment facilities and two South African National System accredited laboratories.

"The quality of our tap water has been rated as amongst the best in the world, and to ensure that this status is maintained. Johannesburg Water routinely samples more than 500 drinking water samples a month.

Tap water in Johannesburg is safe and healthy to consume." - Sapa