'Help me find cure for my leg'

Andrew Hlongwane

Andrew Hlongwane

A Mpumalanga man who is suffering from an abnormally swollen leg has pleaded with anyone who can help him find a cure to come forward.

Sizwe Maseko, 22, of Mafifty village near White River, said his problem started about 10 months ago.

He said doctors and traditional healers had failed to treat his ailment, which sometimes produced a smelly yellowish substance.

Maseko said the problem arose when tiny hairs started growing on his leg. This was followed by itching and the leg later started swelling.

Maseko used to work at a clothing shop at the Riverside Mall in Nelspruit but has been unable to return to work because of the illness.

"I have already spent more than R20000 paying medical doctors and traditional healers but since I'm no longer working, I can't afford to pay for treatment.

"I'm just waiting to die, unless someone out there is willing to help me. Some traditional healers say I've been bewitched but now I don't know what the exact problem is with my leg," said Maseko.

He said his employer had given him three months to recover or lose his job.

Maseko's mother, Elinah Mahlalela, a domestic worker, said the family had spent all they had on his treatment but to no avail.

Maseko can be contacted on cell number 076-683-9521.