Kids should box: Mpabo

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

The Mpumalanga boxing organisation (Mpabo) will meet at Waterval Boven Rail Inn on Saturday to elect a new executive committee.

Also on the agenda will be talks to include boxing as a school sport.

"We have seen rugby, soccer, netball and other sporting codes being played at schools, so that is why we are inviting school sports organisers to be part of the yearly general meeting," said Wonder Mhlongo, Mpabo executive member.

Mhlongo said the meeting will also look at mapping a way forward for Mpumalanga boxing.

"We as a province are not happy with boxing. The province has produced a few renowned fighters, but this is far below other provinces," he said.

The meeting will start at 10am and all boxing clubs in the province are invited.

Mhlongo said they are expecting each club to send two members to be eligible to vote.

Mpabo was established in 1995, he added.