Exhibition to focus on the needs of parenting

Moms and moms-to-be have been invited to the Mom and Baby Edushow.

Moms and moms-to-be have been invited to the Mom and Baby Edushow.

It is an exhibition that caters for the parenting needs of under- serviced communities in key environments such as townships and peri-urban communities in the various provinces.

This audience profile is made up of semi-rural or peri-urban dwellers who have major challenges in terms of accessing services and information of pre- and post-natal care and advice.

The show targets the 3-7 living standard measure (LSM) group and brings mom and baby activities designed for the relevant needs of the community.

The 4-7 LSM is not catered for by most of these baby shows. The show will take place next month.

A total of 18 exhibitions will take place over a period of three weeks. Six exhibitions will be held simultaneously each week.

l Week one (5 - 9 March): In six of the biggest Gauteng townships.

l Week two (12 - 16 March): In six of the biggest KZN townships.

l Week three (19 - 23 March): In three of the biggest Eastern Cape townships and in three of the biggest Mpumalanga townships.

The Mom and Baby Edushow provides an interactive platform for sampling products, as well as engaging in dialogue with the target market on advise before, during and post-pregnancy.

Companies that offer services, products and brands that can be utilised by the target market are invited to take part in the show, that will impact on at least6million consumers.

For more information visit: www.edushow.co.za - Sowetan Reporter