Hubby prefers prostitutes

My husband of two years is a frequent visitor to brothels and prostitutes. I didn't know this before we were married, but after six months of marriage he told me that no woman has ever been enough for him.

He told me that he gets turned on by paying for sex, and that he does it at least once a week.

He said he has always had safe sex only, but last week I noticed sores on his body. When I questioned him about them, he said it was because he is run down. Since then I have insisted that we use a condom, and now he says he would rather not have sex with me. He says safe sex is only for strangers.

I am terrified he has a disease and that he will pass it on to me.

Two weeks ago he got drunk and tried to get fresh with me. When I insisted on a condom, he slapped my face and left the house. The next day he told me he had gone to a prostitute. He said with them he can have sex without nagging and hassles.

He was a member of a rough gang when he was younger and I am scared he will get violent if I tell him I want a divorce. I don't want to go on with this marriage.

What should I do?

Frightened, Germiston

My goodness, it is difficult to stay upbeat after receiving two letters like those published today.

It seems quite a few women are trapped in marriages and relationships with men who are abusive in some way.

My advice to you is the same as to the writer above - get out of this marriage because it is unlikely your man will change his ways.

And as far as sex goes, why put yourself at risk of a disease just because you are married to the sod and he wants everything his way. No protection, no sex.

Do NOT compromise on this one. HIV is not worth it, and neither is any other nasty disease he might pass on to you. If he enjoys paying for sex, then let him. If one woman is not enough for him, let him spend every cent on buying what he needs.

Ditch him and spend your hard-earned cash on yourself.