naked nightmare

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A petrified security guard at a school in Limpopo yesterday spent the whole night naked on a branch of a tree after a fierce fight with criminals.

The guard's clothes and cellphone were taken by the criminals who chased him until he climbed up the tree.

But when the guard, Victor Mampana, returned to the school in the morning, he discovered that the thieves had got away with 10 computers.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects, aged between 18 and 30, in connection with the theft.

The incident took place at Kgolouthwana High School in the Senwabarwana area near Polokwane at about 2am.

Police said the criminals cut through the school fence and then dismantled the roofing sheets of the computer lab to gain access to the computers.

Barely three months ago, 10 other computers were stolen from the same school.

No arrests have been made and none of the stolen computers have been recovered.

The school principal, Isaac Mankga, said all the computers were donated by Telkom Foundation as a plough-back gesture to the community.

"We were using them for computer literacy for our pupils and for storing vital school information. Now that they are all gone, the future of our pupils looks bleak.

"The theft of the computers is denying our pupils a chance to embrace technology, which is vital to their lives," said Mankga.

Police spokesman Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said the cost of the stolen computers was estimated at R197000.