surfing for love

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

Forget pubs, social clubs and parties. More and more South Africans are now resorting to the Internet to find love.

Most of these lovelorn men and women believe it is less intimidating on the Internet as there is no way one can be tongue-tied.

According to a survey by giant Internet company Microsoft, Most South Africans, male and female, find it easy to respond on the Internet than face to face.

The Internet saves them from blushing, says the survey.

Events coordinator and single mother Kopano Dimpe, 30, recently a sucker for online romance, believes it is the safest way to meet a life partner.

"It gives you time to weigh your options and really get to know a person before you can even meet him.

"I have had six men in my fan base and I have now short-listed two. A South African and a Congolese. I think I will meet both of them before I decide which one I can date," says Dimpe.

She is quick to admit that she is looking for a long-term partner.

What about social clubs, pubs and parties? "Those avenues are outdated and they are not fulfilling," she says.

The survey was done in nine countries and 20000 respondents were interviewed. Of this, 1000 were South Africans. It has emerged that people find it easier to flirt online.

Others interviewed said they had even declared their undying love to someone unknown to them.

According to the survey, 70percent of South Africans are hooked to this ever-growing tend.

Microsoft consumer marketing and public relations manager in Europe and Africa, Brian Kealy, said a more thorough survey would be conducted in the near future.