officer faces rape charge

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

A Johannesburg metro police officer who had his rape case thrown out of court for lack of evidence last year has been re-arrested and charged with the same offence.

The officer is alleged to have raped his subordinate in May last year. The case against chief of internal affairs Amon Kganyago was thrown out of court in October after his accuser was branded a liar.

But now the Director of Public Prosecutions has reinstated the case after it was reviewed.

Kganyago appeared in the Johannesburg magistrate's court yesterday and was granted bail of R500. He is expected to appear again on February 27.

Tlali Tlali, spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority, said even though he did not have details of the case, "it is possible for a case to be reinstated if new evidence emerges".

Metro police spokesman Superintendent Wayne Minnaar confirmed Kganyago's court appearance.

Minnaar said: "We as police are concerned, but can only reopen the internal case after receiving fresh evidence from the public prosecutor."

After the case was withdrawn last year, an internal disciplinary process was also dismissed. But now the process will be conducted again.

Kganyago handed himself over to police in May last year after a junior officer laid a rape charge against him.

It is alleged Kganyago, 46, a married man, forced himself on the woman at her apartment in Brixton. The two are alleged to have been romantically involved.

A colleague, who spoke on condition of anonymity then, said it was widely known in the department that the two were having an affair.

It is alleged that Kganyago went to the woman's apartment to collect a departmental video camera.

Another colleague told Sowetanthat Kganyago asked for sexual favours when he discovered that she had lost the camera.

"When he got there the camera was nowhere to be found. She told him she had lost it.

"Kganyago apparently told her that he would hate to testify against her, but that they could make a plan," said the colleague, who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

The woman apparently declined the offer and that was when Kganyago allegedly forced himself on her.