caught in the act

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

The Maponya Mall management has released closed circuit video footage showing the woman who allegedly abandoned her baby at the centre's toilets this week.

On the footage the woman is seen entering the toilets with a baby and leaving alone.

The recording on the footage suggests that the baby was discovered five minutes after the woman had left the toilets.

The five-day-old boy was discovered on Monday night just after 10pm by security guards who noticed movement in a toilet bowl through the CCTV monitor.

Police are yet to make a breakthrough and say they have interviewed two people who came forward following the publication of the story in Sowetan yesterday.

The two, an elderly woman and a man, were however unable to positively identify the woman on the footage.

After noticing the shocking discovery, the security guards then sent a female colleague to take a closer look.

That was when she found the crying baby dumped in the toilet bowl, legs first in a standing position.

The boy was dressed in a disposable nappy and a green baby suit.

Kliptown police spokesman, Felicity Radebe, said: "We do not yet know if the woman flushed the toilet after placing him there or not.

"It is very unfortunate that the people who came forward did not know the woman."

Radebe said the old woman was worried because her pregnant granddaughter had left home about two weeks ago.

The man was concerned that the baby could be his.

"He said he had a fight with his girlfriend and she left him. He thinks that she may have given birth by now.

"But the woman on the footage was definitely not his girlfriend," said Radebe.

She said police were investigating a case of child abandonment.

"We still need the community to help us find the mother of the baby," she added.