be a good leader

What wrecks you, what drives you and keeps you going even when the gas is empty?

What wrecks you, what drives you and keeps you going even when the gas is empty?

Some of the functions of leaders are to support the vision of the organisation and growth against all odds.

A leader's state of mind, attitude and drive come from the amount of passion to both lead and grow the company.

With passion, a leader can add value to both people's wellbeing and that of the organisation.

Leadership plays a big role in getting people to support the vision and growth of a business, after all they are the engine that keeps the business running.

People are not machines, they have feelings and working with them takes an extra effort. They won't work with you unless they get along with you. By adding value to them, you are sure to get along with them and win with them.

A motivated and happy people make a winning team and therefore a winning business.

The following are some of the characteristics of a passion-driven leader:

l Total commitment to the vision of the organisation;

l Influential;

l Pacing oneself for the long haul with proper feedback, strategic evaluation and growth to other people involved with the organisation's vision;

l Taking greater calculated risks, more focus, greater hope to both people and the organisation;

l More faith and less pessimism, a leader that develops, grows and motivates other leaders;

l Servanthood, not self-serving and not egocentric;

l How to add value to people;

l Value their beliefs and aspirations;

l Know about their lives and interests in order to relate to them better;

l Great leaders make themselves more valuable, grow so as to grow others, know more so as to share, be honest so as to get respect, and above all be responsible and consistent;

l Do not put people in their place but rather be in their place to understand their position;

l Serve to lead or lead from between, "Follow me, I am right behind you". Leading from between gives a better picture of things from both sides;

l Old saying "first impressions last" is true. Psychology has proven that the first 30 seconds with anyone determines what your relationship is going to be, try to say something of true sincerity;

l Leadership is about influence. People are influenced by and relate better to someone they respect, trust and feel has their best interest at heart; and

l Be a leader's leader, fill the need, take action and be fully engaged.

With these in mind, you are sure to win with people and in partnerships.

Relationships, partnerships and people are valuable assets to any business. They add growth to areas where your expertise lacks and they fill the gap where you cannot reach.

A well-balanced people management structure gives better results and a quality support environment. "Three is company"; "There is power in multitudes".