Rainbow Nation can crush racism

Patrick Rampai's letter about the Swartruggens killings refers.

Patrick Rampai's letter about the Swartruggens killings refers.

He is correct about the tragedy having its roots in racism. I see children as young as 10 inflamed by hatred towards anyone who is not white. To be fair, I have also seen black children showing the same hatred towards white people. This is the parents' fault. Let's leave the past where it belongs and start building our country.

My heart goes out to the bereaved families in Skielik. I am white and my home language is Afrikaans.

I disagree with some of our politicians who say that this terrible tragedy was not due to racism because this misinformed and confused young man would not have gone into an area occupied by whites and committed the same terrible crime. A lot of violence can be traced back to racial hatred.

All South Africans must unite, hold hands and love each other. That way we might be able to overcome the challenges facing us.

To the people of our beautiful Rainbow Nation I say, stop the hatred and build bridges across race and culture with love. You might say that this is only one man's dream, but every person who stands up for this dream will make a difference.

Kobus Olivier, Polokwane