cops hunt for 'baby killer'

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Police in Limpopo have released an Identikit of a man believed to be responsible for strangling a 13-month-old baby last month.

The incident happened in Seshego, Polokwane, three weeks ago.

The Identikit released yesterday shows a man aged about 35, black, tall and dark in complexion. He is not fluent in Sepedi.

According to the police, the man allegedly went into Jeckhinah Mojela's house on January 11 and told her he was an attorney.

He said he was going to represent her in her maintenance case later that month.

He told her that he wanted to discuss the case with her before it went before court.

"Soon after the introduction, he asked to use the bathroom," said Inspector Lesiba Ramoshaba.

"But when he came out of the bathroom he repeatedly hit Mojela with a blunt object on the head. She fell and lost consciousness."

Her baby Refentse was asleep in the bedroom when Mojela was attacked.

"When Mojela regained consciousness, her baby was lying dead in the kitchen near the refrigerator," said Ramoshaba.

According to Mojela, the child's father has denied fathering the baby.

"He accused me of infidelity and said he wanted nothing to do with the baby," she said.

"I reported the matter to the maintenance court where they advised us to do a paternity test.

"We were still waiting for the results when my baby was killed.

"I am not pointing fingers at anyone, I just believe my baby's murderer was working in cahoots with those who believed she was a problem and did not deserve to live," she said.

Mojela said she tried to inform the child's father of the death but he did not answer the phone.

"He only sent me an SMS saying he was sorry about my loss," she said.