Taking charge of life

Book: How To Have A Big Life

Book: How To Have A Big Life

Author: Rupert McKerron

Publisher: Pantsula Press

Reviewer: Victor Mecoamere

Fastidious types might give this book a wide berth, but all those easy-going folks will lap it all up and tell everyone about its liberating powers.

How To Have A Big Life is a handbook that teaches about the dynamics of life realignment, dynamics of goal-setting and motivates the reader in short, crisp sentences. It is playfully laid out and illustrated and the overall package will probably irk those readers who prefer conventional handbooks or manuals.

Briefly, How To Have A Big Life (subtitled Shaping Simple Secrets of Success) is a simple, yet powerful life-changing tool containing comprehensible techniques and methods. Author McKerron, the founder of McNab's Energy Tabs, a caffeine-free energy supplement, says he has learnt and continues to use this method in his own life.

Truly funny illustrations complement most of McKerron's important teachings in 16 very-short chapters.

But, far from dissuading readers from attaching any seriousness to the combination of short sentences-cum-affirmations, readers will relish the great sense of independence that the overall presentation affords users of any age, status and academic level.

Re-reading the book is the master stroke because all the titles of the chapters mean the same things that career guidance counsellors, teachers, grandparents, parents or other elders might have told you about, in bold attempts to guide you through the way of life's maze.

Some of the titles of the chapters are: "How to have a big life" (coincidentally the scene-setting chapter), "How the little voice works", "How to find your purpose in life", "Do what is right for you" and "The essence of life".

But many people might have gone the wrong way about it all, like projecting themselves as all-knowing, and almost omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

The book gives the impression that you are in control of your life, but had not been aware all along, and that it is time you began asserting yourself because the power is surely in your hands.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and you could really have a big life.