Nurses angry over fees

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Nurses at Nkhensani Hospital in Giyani have complained about the high residence fees the hospital allegedly charges them.

They claim that the residence fees were impacting negatively on their salaries, making it difficult for them to support their families.

They claim that their colleagues in other hospitals in the province were paying far less than what they paid.

The nurses said that they had been paying R242 a month for staying in the hospital's residences. Now, monthly payments have suddenly increased to R560, without any explanation from the management.

A source at the hospital said yesterday that the money is being debited from their bank accounts.

"The problem is that we live in tiny single rooms, with no hot water, yet we are still expected to pay this huge amount. This is really not on," said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

"These people know very well that we do not earn a lot of money. This sudden hike in fees is impacting negatively on our pockets," said another source.

The nurses said that they had approached the management to explain the sudden increase in residence fees but were unsuccessful.

"We even contacted colleagues at other hospitals and discovered their situation was different from ours," another nurse said.

Some of the nurses suspect that the management might have embezzled the institution's funds and were now making them pay for it. The management at the institution could not be reached for comment.

A spokesman for the provincial department of health and social development said payments were being determined according to the structures people occupied.

He said they were not aware of the increase in fees at the hospital and promised to investigate.