Musical gem is born

GOING PLACES: DJ Tira with In-cha. Pic.Mhlaba Memela. 10/02/08. © Sowetan.
GOING PLACES: DJ Tira with In-cha. Pic.Mhlaba Memela. 10/02/08. © Sowetan.

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Exactly two weeks after the release of her album featuring the big guns in the local music industry, Durban's 11- year-old violin superstar In-cha has sold more than 10000 copies.

Recording an album is something that amateurs in the music industry only dream about, but not for In-cha, who has recorded her first album titled Violin Superstar.

Her determination to explore how she could incorporate the violin into other music genres such as hip-hop and pop landed her in the studio with Danny K, Hip-Hop Pantsula, Durban's Finest and Big Nuz.

The Grade 6 pupil at Durban Girls College shocked everyone when she released her album two weeks ago. But way before that, most Durbanites were already familiar with her tunes.

She made her first appearance during the festive season when she performed the song Funky Tunes, featuring Durban's Finest, DJs Tira and Sox, and Big Nuz, at various gigs.

In-cha fell in love with the violin at the age of six, and with a minimum of three hours of practice every day, her career as a violin soloist scored her a number of achievements and performances. She also travelled and worked with producers abroad.

"The highlight of my career so far was my trip to Atlanta, Georgia, in the US where I worked on some of my songs with Grammy-nominated producers such as Willie Briggs Jr."

This experience enabled her to expand her interaction with the violin, giving her the confidence to explore creative and fresh approaches towards her music, she said.

Though her friends are crazy about hip-hop and kwaito, In-cha says her first love will always be classical music. "When the idea of mixing classical music with hip-hop first came into my mind, I was nervous that it won't work. But when I started recording, it became very easy."

DJ Tira of Durban's Finest described In-cha as the "most talented and professional young artist that the country has ever seen".

He said he was overwhelmed by In-cha's talent and determination to learn other music genres in order to create a link with hers. "She is going places, watch out for her."

In-cha is of Chinese descent. She was born in South Africa and her parents have been living in the country for the past 20 years.