Grace is mom to 120 children

Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

Grace Mofokeng is a 56-year-old unemployed mother of two, but her love for children has made her start a feeding scheme for 120 children who mostly go to bed on empty stomachs.

To the needy children of Mofolo Central, Soweto, she is an angel.

In 2003 Mofokeng started the El-Shadai Children's Home, which helps to provide needy kids with food and clothes.

"In 1998 I had a vision of happy children smiling while it rained, and since then I felt there was a need for me to do something," said Mofokeng.

She started off by feeding 20 children from the money she earned from selling sweets, soft-drinks and cakes.

For the first six months she provided food for the children from her own pocket.

Mofokeng went to neighbouring schools to inform them about her initiative, so the number grew.

Today she feeds 120 pupils from six schools in Soweto. To fund such an initiative, Mofokeng gets aid from individuals and benevolent organisations.

She does all this from her four-roomed house in Mofolo Central, using her garage as a kitchen-cum-dining hall.

The loving mother is also a foster parent to three children.

On Fridays, she hires a vehicle and drives 50km to feed 200 pupils at a friend's house at Lehae near Lanseria Airport.

Mofokeng hopes to get stable funding to help more children.