Spiritual advice for Christians

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

In the spiritual world there are many voices and Christians have been warned not to heed some of the voices, Pastor Lawrence Nkutha of Word Alive Family Church said in Daveyton yesterday.

Making reference to various scriptures in the Bible, Nkutha said one of the main reasons God created man was to fellowship with him, but on the other hand, man had many questions that bothered him.

"No one can answer except God," Nkutha told his congregation during a sermon whose theme was 'How to Recognise the Voice of God'.

He said God was always trying to communicate with man but that man was frustrating such efforts. Nkutha said the relationship between God and man was not working because:

l Man was not in right standing with God;

l Man was still immature;

l Man was too busy; and

l Man was ignorant and


He said while man was a true being with spirit, soul and body, the devil wanted to take over this being by controlling his will, emotions and intelligence.

"Once you are born again, you have the Spirit of Christ in you and when you are saved your spirit lives forever," said Nkutha.

The moral lesson of this sermon is that while God created man as a creature with a free will, it was the the same free will, which encouraged evil to manifest itself in man.