Choose a Bafana side to stem tide

When I went to London a fortnight ago I was very excited and boasted to everybody who cared to listen that I would be visiting England.

But my stay in England was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be.

And this was not because of the unpleasant cold weather.

It was all about what the Londoners kept on asking me about our Bafana Bafana ability to stem the tide at the World Cup in 2010.

Granted, England is not doing well on the football front either, but the English are justifiably concerned about Bafana's readiness for 2010.

I'm equally concerned.

If not, how can one explain our performance at the Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana where we should have shown the world that we are ready for 2010?

Like the Londoners, in spite of the fact that some of them still doubt our readiness in terms of facilities to host the biggest single sport jamboree, I agree that Safa and our highly-paid coach Carlos Alberto Parreira should make serious introspection about our team.

We need to have players who will always demonstrate a "I will die for my country" attitude and not those who always think that they are doing the country a favour by donning the Bafana jersey.

The Bafana selectors, of course led by Parreira, should select players who really deserve to be in the squad.

We should not select undeserving players just because they are playing abroad.

We need players who will ensure that Bafana restore the pride and respect the country enjoyed when we were crowned continental kings in 1996.

I think that we can achieve this without some of the European-based and the "we are doing you a favour" type of players from the so-called big teams or multiple-award winning clubs.

I can assure you Mr Parreira that if you did that the Londoners and the rest of the world will never doubt our team's readiness for 2010.