Baby found wrapped in plastic bag

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

A newly-born baby girl was lucky to be found alive after she was allegedly abandoned by her mother after birth.

Police have since named her Sinenhlanhla.

The girl was discovered by a passerby, who, without removing her from the side of the road called the police.

The passerby said he heard a baby crying at about 5am on Saturday, and upon investigation discovered her wrapped in a plastic bag that was placed along the path.

Police who were called to the scene said they found the healthy, naked new-born baby inside the plastic bag.

Police spokesman Daniela Veldhuizen said police found the baby unharmed and in good health.

She said it seems as if the mother did not want to kill the baby, but had left it there with the hope that someone would find it.

Veldhuizen said the baby was lucky to have been found alive and applauded the community members for calling the police.

"It is believed that the baby was born the day it was found.

"She is in good health and is being kept at Zakhe Place of Safety in KwaDabeka until her mother is found," said Veldhuizen.

She said the police were investigating the whereabouts of the mother, whose identity is unknown.