'Pilferers will confess or they will drop dead'!

Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

Ten days ago, two sangomas assured Midrand businessman Carnie Mattison that their muti would detect pilferers at his workplace.

The owner of a conference centre in the bustling business hub, Mattison believed what the duo told him that the long-fingered ones would either come forward and confess or die within three days.

But nearly two weeks have gone and no one has died yet.

The two diviners said they had "summoned" their ancestral spirits in a ritual they performed at the business premises.

The sangomas also slaughtered four chickens and mixed their blood with "special muti" which they sprinkled in the yard, toilets, conference rooms, offices and workers' quarters.

They said this would hasten the identification of the thieves among the employees.

Mattison said pilferers had taken cold drinks, computers and cutlery.

A worker said: "He told us he had a surprise for us. Indeed, we were surprised to find sangomas performing a ritual. They said there were thieves among us who will start dropping dead or confess their sins in three days."

When Sowetan visited the centre, the workers were very much alive and said none of them had "kicked the bucket".

Contacted for comment, Mattison said: "Bad news. No one has died or confessed yet."

Asked if he didn't feel cheated, he said: "I am seeing the sangomas at the weekend. Call me on Monday." And on how much he had coughed up, Mattison simply said: "A lot of money."

One of the sangomas, Doris Ndlovu, said Mattison had called her this week, but she did not want to disclose the details of their conversation.