Power saving at SAA Open

Meshack Motloung

Meshack Motloung

There will be no night matches in the forthcoming SAA Tennis Open as organisers heed the call by Eskom and the government to cut down on electricity usage by not playing at night.

South African Tennis Association chief executive Ian Smith, pictured, said if every household, business and sporting event in the country worked together and cut down on their electricity usage, "we may well be able to go a long way in lessening the current crisis that has hit the country".

"Night sessions at tournaments are always exciting and allow the working public a chance to see their stars in action.

"But large volumes of power are required to illuminate courts to international specifications and in the interests of the crisis that has hit our country, we have decided on day sessions for the tournament,"

But Smith did admit that Sata had taken extra precautions against possible power cuts during the tournament by installing generators.