case going cold

Russel Morena

Russel Morena

Two Mpumalanga police inspectors are still to face a disciplinary hearing for a reckless and negligent driving incident - that has been "pending" since June last year.

Indications are that the case, in which a state vehicle was written off, is still a long way off.

The two Lydenburg policemen, both in their 30s, are said to have used the state vehicle for private purposes while they were off-duty. They apparently had the blessing of their station commissioner.

The Lydenburg SAPS in Mpumalanga has confirmed that drunk-driving charges were levelled against the two policemen in June last year.

The disciplinary hearing was to have taken place a month later.

However, police now say the matter has been postponed to a later date, pending the results of the men's blood samples "being released".

The two policemen reportedly drove their department's Ford Bantam at 120km/h - in a 60km/h zone in Lydenburg - and crashed it into an electric pole.

It is also alleged that the incident happened just after they had left a bar in town where they had been seen drinking.

They are also alleged to have been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

The van was reportedly a total write off.

"Some officers treat these vehicles as their own and refuse to share them with other policemen even when there is an urgent incident to be attended to," said a source.

"They even park them at their houses."

He said another officer was also spotted using a state truck to transport his furniture.

The station commissioner, Superintendent MJ Gouws declined to comment.