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Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Peugeot's replacement of its 307 is here.

The Peugeot 308 fits in with the manufacturer's new face and Peugeot South Africa is confident that the new model will bring excitement to its existing customers and win over new ones.

When Peugeot SA invited the media for a preview late last year, most of us did not expect to see such a good-looking vehicle.

The new 308 brings assertiveness, style and a high level of quality to the brand. Its build quality and driving capabilities are something to be commended.

According to Peugeot SA, though it is built on the 307's technical platform, the 308 will take specification levels, interior space, visibility, styling, and quality to a new level.

Right from the start of the 308 project, stylists aimed at giving it a true Peugeot identity with a particularly sculpted and expressive frontal design.

The large wrap-around lower bumper and large rear lights emphasise the wider rear profile and the large curved rear tailgate glass.

The 308XT comes standard with a panoramic glass roof.

Stylists subtly echoed the exterior theme of the V-shaped bonnet in certain interior details.

Pricing will be announced on launch.