Love is in the air

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

The day of love is upon us. As if finding the ideal gift for your valentine was not hard enough, finding the perfect outfit to wear on your Valentine's Day date can be just as tough.

Still don't know what to wear? Luckily, Sowetan knows it's hard to choose what to wear on this oh-so-important day, so we thought we would give you a few ideas.

Asanda Madyibi, founder and head designer of Ummi Creations, says dressing flirty and casual is the order of the day. She says many people fall victim to theme dressing on this day and it is usually a big turn-off for many partners.

"You don't want to embarrass your partner with a T-shirt that is covered with hearts all over it. Not even high school children still do theme dressing."

Madyibi adds that even if the date is relaxed and casual, it helps to make a little effort to look nice for your partner.

"Because Valentine's Day often involves group dates and outings, on a day like this a girl needs something that will leave a big impression. Something sexy and easy on the eye usually does the trick."

Madyibi says for slimmer people, a black bubble dress is perfect for the day. It is funky, trendy and still elegant, not to mention fashionable.

"You can never go wrong with this. Though it made fashion waves last year it still works. It is so feminine which also fits into this year's theme of femininity. Men like a feminine woman. Because of their fragile egos, they like to feel that they are still men and in control. Do not intimidate him with your dress, especially not on this day of love."

She says a nice swinging dress, a halter neck or boob tube that reveals a nice cleavage, also adds flavour to the date.

"Titillate him with your assets. A cleavage can stir things up for him. Most men love it."

Madyibi says for bigger women she suggests high-waisted skirts with a T-shirt or a nice flowery blouse.

She says a pair of tight jeans and a sexy camisole gives a woman that feminine and decent classy look. "Jeans are sexy enough without being overwhelming.

"You do not want to look cheap or easy, especially if this is just a date and not a long-term relationship. Dressing communicates volumes about your personality. Men who know how to read dress language learn what kind of a person you are from the very beginning. So the more decent you are the better.

"But this does not mean you should not look sexy. Valentine's Day is all about love and flirting."

Madyibi says a date during the day is not the right time for heels.

"Choose your footwear carefully. If you are going to be out the whole day, have mercy on your feet and opt for medium or low heels. Stilettos are best for a sit-down party such as a lunch or dinner. You can also opt for flat sandals in metallic shades that look amazingly stylish and are very comfortable. Flats are perfect. Remember to choose feminine shoes, not sneakers.

"Finally, wear make-up. Use a foundation that blends in with your skin and the clothes and do not over-wear make-up. If you are sleeping over, Mad-yibi says pyjamas are a must-bring.

"Choose stylish lingerie which is distinctive without being overtly sexy.

"Accessorise. Jewellery never goes out of style," says Madyibi.

"If you have a simple pair of jeans and a plain shirt, accessorise with a chunky belt. You can also wear jewellery such as a bracelet, chain or a ring. Last but not the least, spray on a good cologne."

Madyibi says many women make the mistake of wearing too much perfume. "Spray your perfume on your wrists, behind your ears, at the back of your knees and your neck, and you are set to party. "