Sowetan must guard against tribalism

Print media like Sowetan need to be very careful that they do not inadvertently divide black people (Africans) along tribal lines.

Headings and subheadings such as "Known Zuma supporters take over", "Election of a Zulu as ANC president poses threat to IFP's ailing survival in KwaZulu-Natal" (Sowetan, January 25) and many more can fuel tribalism, which is very dangerous.

Tribalism was used by apartheid to set black people against one another and today that very tool is used by black people against each other.

Why do we still perceive one another as a Zulu, a Xhosa, a Sotho etc? If we continue sowing these seeds of tribalism, we will reap a whirlwind.

Black people need to be united more than ever because they are facing a massive subterranean onslaught. The forces that are waging this dangerous war are using black people to divide themselves.

Most blacks are unfortunately unable to read the divisive signs, even though they are obvious. Black people must wake up. It's a pity that Steve Biko and people like him died so soon because we really need them now.

SS Mawandla, Richards Bay