Give composers a chance!

Winkie Dibakwane

Winkie Dibakwane

South Africa's choral music composers want a forum of their own.

So says Theriso Louisa Tsambo, a composer of many choral music songs.

She maintains that, as part of the arts and culture world, the composers' voices also need to be heard.

"There should be a way in the arts world to allow us composers to showcase our new songs to the public," says Tsambo.

She insists the country should also be made aware that these composers exist.

Some of the well-known ones are Patrick Tikolo, Johannes Khoza, Simon Phelelani Mnomiya, M Sibiya, Sam Shabalala, Griffith Khanyile, Marcha Geyer, Junita Lamprecht-van Dijk, Mokale Koapeng, Patrick Masuelele, Achilles Mukasa- Bukenya, Themba Madlopha, Mandisa Nguza, Tendekai Kuture and Lungile Jacobs.

Composer Sam Shabalala was the first black person to translate Handel's Messiah into Zulu.

Tsambo's compositions are, among others, Thapelo ya Aids, Xitsongwatsongwana', Halala Bahumagadi, Antululele' and Re tswa kwa re ya kwa, among many others.