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Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

Sixteen months ago, Carrinna Olivier took a leap of faith.

She packed her bags in upmarket Honeydew for Central Western Jabavu, Soweto, to move in with her future husband.

At the weekend, Olivier and Vusi Buthelezi were the toast of Soweto when they tied the knot at the Methodist Church in Orlando East.

The wedding was a culmination of a two-year romance which started in Sandton where Olivier, 31, met Buthelezi, 32, on their first day at their new jobs.

Although Olivier's mother did not accept ilobolo from her son-in-law, this did not stop the Buthelezi family from doing their own rituals to welcome their umakoti.

On Friday night, they slaughtered a cow to welcome their new umakoti, now known as Mbali Buthelezi, into the family.

Ululating and dancing friends and family dressed in traditional isiZulu and isiXhosa attires accompanied the couple from the groom's home to the church.

Dressed in matching cream and fawn outfits, the couple exchanged vows and wedding rings.

The couple leave for their honeymoon in Kynsna, Western Cape, today.