Challenge out to smart pupils

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

The 2008 Smart Young Mindz Challenge is calling all Gauteng high school pupils in grades 8, 9 and 10.

The smart initiative seeks to stimulate interest in pupils in maths, science, technology and entrepreneurship, by encouraging them to submit smart business ideas. It also motivates pupils to investigate problems, wants and needs in their communities and to generate ideas for commercially viable products or services.

Smart Young Mindz encourages pupils to take an interest in, and to enjoy the important subjects by engaging in interactive, creative and basic technology problem-solving processes.

The challenge is aligned to the curriculum and provides an integrated approach to use knowledge and skills for solving problems.

As was the case last year - and it will continue until 2010 - the emphasis is on the 2010 Soccer World Cup:

l Marketing, tourism and communications, featuring the formulation or compilation of a slang dictionary, which 2010 soccer fans and tourists would be able to use to navigate the country with ease;

l Gauteng provincial government memorabilia: Why? Our 2010 Soccer World Cup-linked guests should leave the province with something unique to Gauteng;

l Power sources: Why? We are all affected by the power outages, which are expected to continue into 2012. Pupils should come up with clever ideas to minimise this problem;

l Water recycling: Why? Clean running water that is safe to drink is still a luxury for most South Africans. Pupils should research, innovate and invent ideas, systems or alternative water-recycling programmes.

Justice and constitutional development:

l Reducing crime: Pupils should conceptualise a guide booklet specifically targeted at tourists which will describe actions and behaviours that a person travelling through the province needs to watch out for;

l Policing without police: Design a mechanism that is compact and user-friendly, linking tourists directly to the nearest police station, their place of stay and embassies.

A Smart Young Mindz roadshow, starring funny man DJ Shabba, will take place between February 18 and March 14.

The closing date for entries is May 28. Adjudication is due to take place between May 28 and June 13.

The 2008 Smart Young Mindz Challenge winners will be announced in June.