Quizzing of top cop delayed

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

The eagerly awaited press conference at which Mpumalanga police commissioner Afrika Khumalo was expected to publicly answer allegations that he had accepted millions of rands in bribes from drug dealers, has been postponed indefinitely.

The press conference was scheduled to take place at the police's Lowveld area office today, but was postponed after the commissioner was booked off sick.

Khumalo's spokesman, Superintendent Sibongile Nkosi, told Sowetan that the conference had been postponed until further notice.

However, she did not know for how long the commissioner had been booked off.

"I did not ask him that, but the conference is postponed until further notice because a specialist doctor has booked the commissioner off," Nkosi said yesterday.

Allegations against Khumalo are believed to be detailed in drug baron Glenn Agliotti's affidavit to the National Prosecuting Authority in the case against national Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

It was reported at the weekend that Agliotti has claimed in the affidavit that Khumalo had abused his authority to make money in the criminal underworld.

Agliotti claimed that Khumalo was allegedly connected to former security policeman Carl Botha's syndicate, which smuggled Mandrax from Mozambique into the country.

Nkosi said Khumalo had pledged to answer media questions related to the allegations against him.