Thieves clean out R&B star

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Metro FM and Munghana Lonene award-winning R&B sensation Moocah was cleaned out by thieves on Sunday.

Thieves stole groceries and his bank cards.

Moocah, whose real name is Ali Mokgalaka, found his townhouse in Phalaborwa empty when he came home from the gym.

The thieves, who gained entry to the house through a window, also defecated on his new bedroom suite worth R22 000 before taking his music equipment.

Police said the thieves stole a music system, two video cameras, one digital camera, groceries, sheets, two cellphones, a wristwatch, clothes and his identity document.

"I think I know who did all this. I will investigate the case with the help of the police and whoever is responsible will face hell," Moocah said yesterday.

"These people hit me where it hurts the most. Music is my life and without it I am like a wind without direction.

"The intention is to bring me down, but I know I will bounce back in the music scene," Moocah added.

Moocah now uses his 1993 couch as a bed and old sheets as blankets at night.

Moocah, an English teacher at Frans du Toit High School in Phalaborwa, and his children are in a predicament.

He is famous for emulating the voices of American R&B sensations Sisqo and Usher.

The turn of events for Moocah come barely a month after he dismissed his right-hand man and co-worker over a dispute involving CD royalties.

Two weeks ago, his steady girlfriend, who lives in the leafy suburb of Phalaborwa, also dumped him.

Phalaborwa police spokesman Malesela Makgopa said yesterday: "We hope to make arrests soon."