These louts should pay

South Africa has enormous developmental challenges.

South Africa has enormous developmental challenges.

It needs to invest stupendous amounts of money in public amenities and infrastructure necessary to improve the quality of life of its people.

To this end, the government spends billions of rands on such projects and services as the Gautrain, hospitals, play grounds, roads, education, public phones and poverty relief.

Changing the lives of people for the better is no mean task, especially considering the need to also redress the huge backlogs created by apartheid.

Governments, regardless of who is in power, do not have infinite financial resources. It is important, therefore, that money be spent wisely and citizens treat public property with respect. The taxpayer should not have to pay for the same amenity and service many times over because of the thuggery of other people.

This week, vandals had a field day burning commuter trains in Pretoria, something which happens too often in the capital city. This time the thugs caused damage exceeding R150 million.

This money could be better used building more trains or improving the level of service but will now have to be spent on replacing the damaged coaches. What a waste!

We hope the R100000 reward offered helps to put the tsotsis behind bars for a long time.