Its dependability is unrivalled

2007 Toyota Corolla 140i

2007 Toyota Corolla 140i

Price: R115 000

Mileage: 48 000 km

Colour: Various colours available

Motor plan: Two year/unlimited Auto Pedigree warranty

Dealer: Auto Pedigree Meadowdale

Charl Wilken

We kick this year's used car test with an old favourite, the Toyota Corolla. This is the one car that one cannot get enough of as there are so many people out there who need reliable cars.

Our used test car for this week is again a 2007 Toyota Corolla 140i that is in every way still as special as the ones we tested before. The Corolla is a good value for money.

You can get a nice solid car which you know will not let you down and you also get good standard equipment at a good price. What is even better is that the design of the Corolla will have this car look contemporary for quite some time. In context the Corolla 140i is better priced than most cars much smaller.

Apart from the Corolla being so well priced, it has only done a mere 48000km, making this vehicle as good as new. The overall condition of the test model can justify the little kilometres, as the car looks great. The Corolla is the car in its class with "practical" written all over it. For passengers and the driver, the cabin of the car has lots of space and legroom for rear passengers is more than enough.

Boot capacity beats a lot of cars in this segment.

There won't be any problem fitting all the luggage from a full number occupants into the boot and still be able to run up the hills. The four-cylinder 1,4-litre engine delivers a fair 71kW and 127Nm and is mated to a smooth five-speed gearbox delivering power to the front wheels. There is also enough power for overtaking and to cruise at freeway speeds without the need to constantly play with the gears just to keep up with traffic. The breath will run out at around 180kmh. As an everyday car to go to work or get the kids from school, the Corolla will be ideal for any purpose.

Our test model was equipped with radio, air-con and power steering. When buying a Corolla it comes with peace of mind motoring. The knowledge of having almost no hassles when it comes to servicing and running costs.