Funeral for a man of God

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

Bishop David Nkwe, founder and retired bishop of Matlosane Anglican Church in Klerksdorp, died from cardiac arrest on Monday night.

The 72-year-old bishop's family is still shocked by the sudden death, as he had woken up "well and healthy and in high spirits as usual".

"He had a shower whilst singing a hymn. It all went wrong after he brushed his teeth," said family spokesman Dominic Ntsele.

"He complained about pains in his abdomen and was taken to hospital."

The bishop's last request was to have someone pick up his grandson from school, as it was an errand he personally performed every day.

He was married to Maggie Nkwe.

Nkwe will be buried on Friday at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg after a service at Christ the King in Sophiatown.