Investing in our youth

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Blue IQ and several strategic partners are continuing with the popular Smart Young Mindz Challenge to unleash the creative potential of pupils in high school.

Sowetan and the Gauteng department of education are partners of this corporate social responsibility and youth development programme of both Blue IQ (BIQ) and the Gauteng provincial government for pupils from Grade 8 to 10.

BIQ is a multibillion-rand initiative of the Gauteng government to invest in economic-infrastructure development in areas such as tourism, technology, transport and manufacturing.

The challenge seeks to nurture a love for technical subjects among the province's high school pupils. It is hoped that some of the benefiting pupils will take up careers in the maths, science, technology, engineering and the innovation sectors.

Gauteng, as well as the rest of South Africa, needs qualified engineers, technicians, technologists, inventors and innovators to help drive the economy and make it grow.