Soapie leaves suds in eyes of viewers

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Viewers of SABC1's once very popular soapie Generations got the shock of their lives when two strange characters made their appearance on Tuesday.

Angry and confused viewers called Sowetan to complain about the latest additions.

Viewers said they were confused because the new characters, Dumisani and Bridgette, have no connection with Generations' current storyline.

Over the past few years, the soapie has become compulsive viewing because it had a fantastic storyline, a young and good-looking cast and great acting talents, but recently the soapie has been criticised by viewers and critics alike.

Asanda Bangaza, a Generations fan, said: "Usually new characters are connected to current characters through business, work, marriage or something else, but what happened on Tuesday was strange.

"Generations is really losing the plot," Bangaza said.

Mohau Lekota said he thought SABC1 had made a mistake by adding a clip from another show.

"What is happening with Generations? First they introduced amateur actors like Ajax and Zamani with a lame storyline and now this. Not so long ago we complained about the storyline's predictability.

"The show sucks more and more as they days go by.

"Introducing new characters might overload the show with too many storylines," Lekota said.

But Mark Graham, Generations' creative director, defended the introduction of the new characters.

"Bridgette and Dumisane were introduced as two characters whom we didn't know and whose functions in the story unfold as the story does.

"Dumisane is the marketing director of La Cioccolata who approaches New Horizons to handle their ads. Bridgette is his ex- model wife whom Karabo knew way back when they were both models. Viewers should tune in and find out what happens next," said Graham.