He was a sports lover

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Family and friends are mourning the loss of a generous and wonderfully loyal man, Anthony "Kid Snyder" Bantom.

Bantom earned the respect of many people in his community through his generosity.

He was a straight-talking person, social, caring and loving.

Bantom, 78, was born in Potchefstroom in North West and later moved to Top Location in Vereeniging in the Vaal.

He was an active sportsman in the Vaal and his first loves were boxing and soccer.

His greatest moment in boxing was winning the then Transvaal bantamweight championship during the apartheid era.

Bantom was one of the best midfielders of his time in the game of soccer and played for the now defunct Sharpeville Mighty Blues Football Club.

He married the late Maria Bantom with whom he had three children.

Bantom worked for the Sharpeville municipality for 45 years until his retirement.

He relocated from Sharpeville to Rus-Ter-Vaal in 1986.

On his retirement he was a team manager of the now defunct Rus-Ter-Vaal Blues soccer club.

"Though we saw him struggling after suffering from a long illness, it is still sad that he has passed on because we enjoyed a close relationship," said his grieving family.

He died peacefully at his home last Wednesday after a long illness.

He is survived by his three children and several grandchildren.

Bantom will be buried at the local cemetery tomorrow.

The funeral service starts at 9am at St Andrews Church.