boob job for queen OF BLING

LIMELIGHT: Khanyisile Mbau. Pic. Tshepo Kekana. 17/01/08. © Sowetan.
LIMELIGHT: Khanyisile Mbau. Pic. Tshepo Kekana. 17/01/08. © Sowetan.

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

South Africa's queen of bling Khanyisile Mbau is considering going under the knife for a boob job after a year of breastfeeding her baby.

Mbau told Sowetan that she is currently seeking advice from some of South Africa's top plastic surgeons.

Mbau, who gave birth to a baby girl in December 2006, claims that breast-feeding caused her breasts to sag. Now she intends to pump them up.

"Before I gave birth to my baby my breasts were firm and beautiful. I was confident to walk bare- breasted in front of my friends but now I cannot stand the way they look. I am in a process of weaning my baby, and it's not easy. "Though it was for a good cause, breast feeding has spoiled my figure. My breasts are now deformed. I have lost a lot of weight. I am doing the implants because it is necessary," she said.

Asked how her millionaire husband Mandla Mthembu feels about the boob job, Mbau said he is not bothered.

"He never had a problem with my body. The way I look has never been an issue with him. He appreciates me in whatever form or shape. I am doing this for myself and also because I can afford it," Mbau said proudly.

She said she wants an enlargement that will take her from an A-cup to a D-cup.

"I do not want them too big, but I want them upgraded to a size that will pop out of my tops. I want to add a sexy appeal to my chest," she said.

Mbau said she had done other cosmetic surgery to her body.

"I had stretch marks and scars removed with laser surgery immediately after giving birth. It is costly but worth it."

Mbau is not the first South Africa celeb to undergo plastic surgery. She joins Carol Manana, Masechaba Dlengezele, Uyanda Mbuli and Connie Ferguson, among others.