Shooting sellable wedding photos

Weddings are a once-in-a-life-time events and therefore the most important day for the couple who are getting married.

Weddings are a once-in-a-life-time events and therefore the most important day for the couple who are getting married.

As a result, most couples employ the services of a professional photographer to make sure they get the highest quality photographs to remember their wedding day with.

While videos can also capture the best moments of the wedding, one cannot always go back and watch a video when reminiscing.

Photos, as opposed to videos, become the most convenient way of remembering one's wedding by browsing through the photo album.

How do you make money from photographing weddings?

To make money from shooting weddings one needs to charge accordingly, which means not undercharging and at the same time not overcharging.

To be able to charge fairly you need to keep contact with the bride, groom and parents of the couple before the wedding to find out what is expected of you.

You must ask the couple and their parents if they have any special photographic requests.

Very often close family and friends will be also taking pictures during the ceremony, and you must make sure you have copies of photographs to sell after the wedding.

This means you must get the best photos that are different from what family members and friends will have.

Arrive at the wedding venue well ahead of time to get a feel of the most optimal places to position yourself.

Running through the day's scenario a few times routinely and in your head will better prepare you for any surprises.

Your ability to capture the best shots could mean future work prospects, as the wedding industry relies on word of mouth for photographers.

You must be able to capture the most memorable moments of the wedding, for example, the bride getting ready, the arrangement of flowers including the bouquet, the jewellery the bride will be wearing or is wearing, the bride and her parents, the bride alongside her attendants, and photographs of the flower girls.

On the groom's side, you must try to capture him and his best man, groom with his parents, groom and his ushers and the groom with the minister or wedding celebrant.

Make sure you don't miss the coming of the bride and her parent down the aisle, their arrival at the altar, bride and groom at the altar, if permissible, bride and groom kissing, the signing of the wedding certificate and coming back of the couple from the altar down the aisle.