Burst pipe irks family

Siyabonga Africa

Siyabonga Africa

A burst water pipe has been the cause of strife between Abel Malebese and Johannesburg Water.

Malebese has been complaining about the pipe since December 16 last year and, in his words, the Johannesburg Water people who have been sent out "only look at it and go".

Malebese, a mechanic at Unitrans, says the pipe has strained relations between him and his neighbours. Elizabeth Majola, Malebese's next door neighbour, says she went to Johannesburg Water herself to report the matter and still nothing has been done.

A gushing stream of water leads up Mnandi Crescent in Meredale, to the Malebese home. Rose Malebese, Abel's wife, points to the the burst pipe that sits right next to their electricity box. She says they were given conflicting answers when they first reported the leakage.

"When we went to Johannesburg Water they said we must first go to City Power so that they could switch off the electricity to enable them to repair the pipe. When we went to City Power they told us the inverse that Johannesburg Water should shut off the water. And nothing has been done so far," she says.

Thomas Mametja, a consultant at Johannesburg Water, says the problem has been fixed.