Agliotti says he was sober as a judge when he made conflicting statements on Selebi to NPA

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

Convicted drug dealer Glenn Agliotti yesterday threw a spanner in the works as his conflicting statements on national police commissioner Jackie Selebi continue.

"I was not drunk when I made the [first] statement [which Selebi submitted to the Pretoria high court]. I had a couple of glasses of wine, but I was not drunk," Agliotti told Sowetan in an exclusive interview yesterday.

He refused to comment further and referred Sowetan to his lawyer, who was unavailable for comment. Agliotti stuck by the handwritten second statement that he gave to national prosecuting authority (NPA) investigators on January 11.

On Friday the Pretoria high court heard that Agliotti would be a key witness in Selebi's trial. In his handwritten affidavit for the NPA, Agliotti described how he was in regular contact with Selebi and claimed that he had bought gifts for the top cop's wife and girlfriend.

"On one occasion he [Selebi] sat in the boardroom of Maverick [a company owned by Agliotti's former girlfriend] and told me that he needed R1million. I then paid him a total of R300000 in two payments of R100000 and R200000."

Agliotti claims Selebi called him on three occasions to tell him of confidential police and Interpol reports.

"He showed me one reference to me detailing that Jurgen Koegel had claimed that JS was being paid by the Kebbles, which was an indirect reference to me," he said.

Yesterday Agliotti told Sowetan he was not drunk when he made the earlier four-page statement on January 4 exonerating Selebi, as had been reported in news reports.

In the second statement to the NPA, a signed affidavit worked out with his lawyers, Agliotti said he had been coerced into signing the first statement, which had been thrust on him by a group of people, including the director-general of national intelligence, Manala Manzini.