Starter pack to ensure young people find niche in workplace

Susan Chala

Susan Chala

Here is why the Power Your Future (PYF) Starter Pack is being launched - the growing number of youths trapped in unemployment is rapidly escalating into a national crisis.

Some of the reasons that leave millions trapped without prospects include a lack of experience or knowledge of the workplace, an education of a poor or inferior quality, as well as a lack of resources to study after school for qualifications, or skills for employment.

As a result, the career or work prospects of millions of affected youths are perpetually frustrated. Unable to access practical and useful information on options, a sense of paralysis - followed by despondency - becomes a common experience.

Why the PYF Starter Pack concept? The intention is to be part of the solution by:

l Identifying which core life skills and practical steps are likely to be of the greatest assistance to work-seeking youth.

l Grouping these skills, or actions into a comprehensive "starter pack" for school leavers.

The PYF Starter Pack will contain:

l Paperwork for life: ID and other documentation; bank account with start-up money-postal address setup.

l On the road: Learner's driver's licence.

l Career Quest: resources and workshop on workplace readiness skills and critical life skills.

l Getting kitted out: providing each participant with a workplace outfit and a cellphone.

Sowetan education PYF is due to run a pilot starter pack course with participants selected through the give-away campaign, in order to:

l Evaluate the effectiveness of each component in achieving employability by tracking those who participated in the starter pack course.

l Adjust and refine PYF starter pack content and delivery for optimum effectiveness.

l And, to explore the possibility of increasing the reach of the starter pack concept offerings, in partnership with various funders.