Brutal Masisi killers must be sent to prison

Last week a number of deeply-affected speakers addressed mourners at the funeral of two Masisi community members who were killed protecting livestock at the Madimbo Corridor near Kruger National Park.

They spoke on behalf of various community structures including the Communal Property Association. The community hall was filled to capacity. The messages and attendance showed how deeply people were affected by the brutal killings.

To the best of my knowledge, both men were well- respected community members. They represented the community on various structures and protected community livestock from theft by communities we share borders with.

It is sad to lose lives protecting animals, particularly in an area owned by the community. The Masisi got the land back after a successful land claim.

According to reports, they were shot by security officers from the Makuleke community, allegedly for poaching. Is it possible to poach on your own land? How could they shoot defenceless people?

It is shocking that after almost 14 years of democracy, security officials still act like apartheid police and agents.

Shame on the killers. The spirit of the two brave men will remain with us forever. We hope the law takes its course and the killers go to jail where they belong.

Richard Rambiyana, Masisi