Babies found dumped

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

KwaZulu-Natal police, with the help of the community, have in a period of less than a week discovered two bodies of newly born babies at Umlazi's R-section near Durban.

On Tuesday, members of the community alerted the police to a body of a newborn baby that was found dumped in a pit toilet.

A few days earlier, the community had informed the police about another baby that was buried in a shallow grave in the area.

Two women, believed to be the mothers of these babies, have since been arrested.

In the latest discovery, a 27- year-old mother is expected to appear in court today.

The woman, who could not be named until she appears in court, is from the township's Ezakheni area.

Members of the community informed the police that they suspected the woman to be the culprit. Police said the mother had given birth to a baby girl on December 27 last year.

On arrival at the scene, police found a tiny, slightly decomposed body of the baby in the pit. The mother was being questioned about her reason for dumping her baby in the toilet.

Angry neighbours say they are disgusted and are of the opinion that the law should take its course.

According to a resident, the woman allegedly confessed to throwing the baby in the toilet, but could not say why she threw the baby away when she was interrogated by community members.

Police spokesman Kephu Ndlovu said it has not been established for sure whether the baby was dead or alive when it was thrown into the toilet pit.

On Thursday last week, the community alerted police to a shallow grave at a residential area. When the grave was dug up, the body of a newborn baby was found.

The woman alleged to be mother of the baby was traced to a house at the township's A section.

The woman, 26, was renting the house near to the area that the grave was discovered. Residents became suspicious when the woman suddenly stopped looking pregnant before she fled the area.

She appeared in court on Friday on charges of murder.