Sowetan education supplement for you

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Any young person attending high school cannot do without an intimate relationship with Sowetan Education Power Your Future.

Published in Sowetan on Wednesdays, it is a formidable learning resource and is more potent if it is used in association with the televised tutorials of The Learning Channel - which is screened on SABC1 on weekdays.

Essentially, Sowetan Education Power Your Future carries the print version of the The Learning Channel tutorials, and these include English, Mathematics, Geography and Physical Science for high school pupils.

And for this year, some of the special features are:

l Meet the new curriculum, tomorrow;

l Out of school? Some options out there, on January 16;

l Your handy guide to education's "Alphabet Soup", on January 23;

l So what exactly is vocational and academic education anyway? on January 30;

l The A to Z of different types of skills, on February 6;

l 100percent Youth: Young voices on love and all that stuff, on February 13;

l World of skills training, February 20;

l Is it worth working as a volunteer? on February 27;

l All about FET colleges, on March 5; and

l All about higher education, March 12.